Project: High Volume Production Incinerator Tiles       


Customer Requirements:

Technical –  commercial solution to produce complex shapes  (incinerator tiles)

Key objective:

  • High level of machine automation
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Automated load/unload
  • Cost effective


Enhanced engineering design enabled a number of unique and novel features to be built into the design concept further enhancing the overall performance and requirements of this unique premium forming system that is used to produce both uniform and complex shapes in a variety of challenging materials and compounds.

  • Fully automated weight/feed with auto mould fill giving consistent material volume
  • Automated moulds enable significantly higher levels of mould utilisation
  • On boards quality control systems ensure that the product density is maintained within tight limits
  • Enhanced technical performance and control systems provide greater system utilisation than was previously possible using the traditional Butler Press range.
  • Anti vibration and noise reduction techniques ensures minimum levels of noise pollution and an uncompromised quality product

In developing this premium forming system our team has re-engineered every major component to ensure consistently high levels of accuracy, productivity and cost of production are maintained throughout.

After sales Support

  • Technical Training
  • Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Maintenance and Servicing Program
  • Hammer reconditioning (ensure peak performance is maintained)

Butler Impact … technology continues to be at the forefront of ceramic and refractory production  








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