NiBek is the only supplier of Butler Impact Presses and Butler Vibro Presses.  These Dynamic Forming Presses and Auxiliary Equipment are unique, offering many advantages over traditional hydraulic presses for powder compaction.   They are widely used by refractory producers throughout 22 different countries in the world, ideal for producing complex shapes and  for large heavy items upto 300mm thick and weighing upto 1000kg.

Special features include low capital cost, low cost tooling, densification of product particularly on items with varying cross sections. We offer productivity enhancement packages and auxiliary equipment for integrated production systems:

  • Design and Installation for new presses
  • Maintenance Packages for your Existing Presses
  • Refurbishment for Existing Presses 
  • Supplier of Spare Parts and Accessories 
  • Automatic Material Weigh and Feel Systems
  • Mould Indexing Systems for Simultaneous Pressing 
  • Mould Transfer Tables 
  • Product Handling Devices
  • Rapid Tool Change Systems 







The college offers many certificate courses and essay specializes in drawing and painting, photography, wood painting